I get a lot of my groceries from Tesco


I don’t get all of my groceries from the Tesco, but with some products I’d like to get the cheapest possible and Tesco is a popular choice for those cases. I visit the Tesco when I feel like eating those chocolate bars with banana inside. It’s this creamy stuff I’m totally crazy about. The mushroom sauce in a glass bowl I also often take with me. I love the shrimps that the Tesco sells.

Today I got shrimps that were already peeled because I didn’t have much time to cook, but the peeled ones weren’t as tasty. Keep in mind though that maybe I also didn’t enjoy them much because I was stressed out due to my currently busy life. Usually I get the unpeeled shrimps and let my husband peel them before I prepare a meal with lots of love. The Tesco always keeps itself well stocked, and the carts they use to restock are always placed in locations where they are out of the way. I had a calm night after so I ordered a few things for upcoming birthday parties. I got some Dim Sum from the Tesco and cheese snacks.

Despite the cheap price, they are all delicious. I’m curious about what else the Tesco has in store, because with each new thing I try, I get motivated to try something else. The other chocolate snacks I love in the Tesco are the chocolate covered raisins and nuts. I think I might be addicted to it, so I try to resist buying too many. Once I start with a bag, I finish the entire thing in one go. Some things I even like more than brands in other supermarkets. The spaghetti cheese is an example. And I didn’t mean one kind in particular, but pretty much all pasta cheese Tesco sells I like more than anything else. Alda is also the place I go to for toilet paper because there’s zero difference except the price, and there’s a lot of paper on one roll.

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